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Castellana Grotte is a municipality located in Murgia, in the province of Bari. It is known mainly for the caves of Castellana, one of the largest and most striking in Italy.
In the vicinity of the town, less than 1 km southwest, you will find the famous Cave of Castellana, karst cavities discovered in January 1938 by Franco Anelli and Vito Matarrese, which constitute the main tourist attraction of the area.
The tour takes you along a fascinating scenery for about 1 km. The longest itinerary takes two hours and it develops for 3 km, among caves and voragini with mythological or fantastic names, at the end of which is found the White Grotto, called the most beautiful cave of the world, bright and shining. A world that only the fervent imagination of nature could create and make accessible, with the help of expert speleological guides, for those who want to experience the emotion of the mystery and the adventure.
Every year there are always new initiatives in which visitors, with the help of experienced speleologists, discover the caves illuminated only by the light of their hammocks.


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